Industrial Solutions

Veneer Edgebanding / Wrapping Veneers

Since the early 1980’s veneers are fleece-backed in industrial format. Originally this technology was practised in production of veneer edgebanding and wrapping veneers only.

The fleece back enables automatic sanding, laquering and cutting of veneers, and at same time minimizes waste.

Fleece-backed veneer edgebanding is quality standard since many years, guaranteeing a failure-free mechanical application onto decorative panels.

High-flexible wrapping veneers can be sanded to minimum thickness by the aid of a fleece back.

As consequence very complicated profiles can be wrapped, without cracks in veneer.

More information about fleece backing of veneer edgebanding and wrapping veneers is available at Continuous Lamination.

Veneer Edgebanding /
Wrapping Veneers